Sarah Gubler, LMT

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Sarah is incredibly passionate about massage and bodywork. She has spent years exploring the Mind Body connection through Yoga and other eastern and western traditions.

She is a natural empath who immediately makes a connection with her clients. Her welcoming smile and engaging personality helps her clients feel that they are in a safe place where their concerns and needs are being attended to.

Although Sarah is well rounded in her massage experience, she feels that she excells in sports massage, reflexology, Injury massage, aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Warm Bamboo, and Reiki.

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Sarah recognizes that every person is different and that makes her committed to continuing her education so that she can grow as a therapist. This is why every session is customized to the individual she is working on. We believe that is why so many of her clients request her and know that her work is making a difference in how they feel and function.

Sarah is available Monday-Friday. Call 435-215-3480 to book with Sarah Gubler LMT.

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