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The therapists at StGeorgeMassage.com want you to know that there is a difference in the types of massage available in Southern Utah. Most establishments offer you “Spa Massage” and while thistype of massage is definitely beneficial in helping to reduce stress and helping you relax, it, in most cases, just doesn’t go far enough to address your specific health needs. Whereas, “Therapeutic Massage,” as we practice it, is designed to help you achieve your specific wellness goals. Sports massage will not only help you increase endurance and performance, but always reduces the likelihood of many athletic injuries. Injury massage helps the body heal and recover more quickly from injury, surgery, and illness. Structural massage is designed to correct postural and movement imbalances so that we can function more efficiently with the constant force of gravity. Pre-Natal and Post Natal massage can reduce stretch marks and make the transitions occurring to both Mother and Child smoother.

These are just a few of the differences of “therapeutic massage” which can have lasting and dynamic effects. We have created a therapist driven practice where we attract the kind of individual who wants to continually improve their skills and whose primary concern is for the benefit of those we treat.

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