Michael Forrest, LMT - Founder

Note: Michael has retired from active massage and is only available for Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reflexology and limited injury massage sessions. He is training therapists and apprentices in the knowledge and skills he has gained through his career. He is pleased that his staff is fully able to continue the tradition of the finest therapeutic massage and the high standards that people have come to expect from StGeorgeMassage.

Michael has enjoyed and been involved with bodywork all his life. Even as a teenager he was learning about energy work, Hatha & Kriya Yoga, Reflexology and massage. In 1974, while living in Hawaii, he was taught Lomi-Lomi in the traditions of Morna Simeona. Also at this time he was first introduced to Rolfing and many oriental traditions. Finally after 25 years in the credit and collection industry, where he was a collections manager, private investigator, and represented clients in small claims court, Michael followed his dream and went to the Nevada School of Massage Therapy in Las Vegas. While just a student he passed his National Certification 6 weeks before graduation which enabled him to get his Utah Massage license in a record 19 days after he finished school. So after 25 years of rubbing people the wrong way, he now gets to rub them the right way! Working with clear intent, Michael uses all his skills to make each session with each client the best ever. He learns from everyone he encounters and his primary goal is to continue to perfect the skills that make his bodywork sessions truly memorable.

Sports Massage

Michael has extensive sports massage experience working on athletes from High School sports teams, Captain of the massage volunteers for the St.George Marathon, Triathlon events, MMA fighters. He has had special training in Posture and Movement assessment and analysis. Teaching these principles in an exclusive class “Posture Up” as well as working with dancers, Pilates instructors, and personal trainers.

If you are ready to make changes in the way you view your personal health and fitness goals, then  we can help you with that.


Nobody in Southern Utah does more Reflexology than StGerorgeMassage. Even as a child, his grandmother was teaching Michael how to give her foot rubs after she worked long hours in a retail store. He was first exposed to traditional Reflexology at age 14 and that exposure paid off when he excelled in his classes at Nevada School of Massage Therapy. Michael has great success helping his clients reduce foot pain, reverse neuropathy, and decrease inflammation. Michael developed the  unique session “Reflexology Plus” which adds detailed hand and neck massage to the foot reflexology for an hour of sweet health and relaxation.

You can contact him at michael@stgeorgemassage.com.

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