Kelsi Cluff, LMT

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over five years now, and have loved every bit of it! I graduated with honors from Utah College of Massage Therapy where I was voted the Class Ambassador. I was attracted to this school because it is an anatomy based school where we spent hours at the University of Utah’s cadaver lab. I am absolutely fascinated with the body and love learning about it. As a massage therapist working with muscles I feel the need to be educated in them.

Since graduation I have moved around a lot and have had different massage experiences with each city. I worked at a day spa where I gained a lot of Injury, Sports and Prenatal experience. At this location we also did a lot of Hot Stone Massages and I came to love that modality. Next I was on an island outside of Ketchikan, Alaska where I worked at a fishing resort giving Corporate Chair Massage and Swedish Massages on the beach. (Yes sometimes Alaska got warm enough for outdoor massages.) I have also run a business out of my home where I had my own clientele that I specialized in Injury and Sports massage.

My husband and I welcomed our sweet baby girl to our family in April of 2014 and this brought us back to St. George where we hope to stay! I have been with St. George Massage since we moved here last October and I couldn’t be happier. I feel like all my experience has come together at a place that really helps us help the clients! We are all about therapeutic massage, meaning we are going to give you the type of massage that you need. The modality, the pressure, the tools, the therapist, the conversation is all going to work together to help with your specific concerns. Every body is different so every massage should be just as different.

I absolutely love helping people feel better. For me it is all about listening to the client’s needs and then pulling from all my experiences and knowledge about massage therapy and creating an individualized session just for that client. I am known for taking a lot of notes so I can pick up right where we left the previous session. This way the client is getting the best results. I feel it is important to educate everyone I see so they can help themselves out when at home. You only have one body so why not treat it well. I like to live by the quote, “The preservation of health is easier than the cure of the disease.” –AmpLIFEied. Whether you see massage as a preventative health measure or are seeking relief from a number of physical or emotional stresses, I can help you out!

I have clients who experience less severe and fewer migraines with regular massage. The majority of people want relief from acute and even chronic pain. My long term clients express to me they have better immune systems, sleep better, and experience less anxiety in their day to day life. Massage is proven to lower stress hormones by 50% and increase serotonin and dopamine which make you happier and more relaxed. I work a lot with clients who have posture imbalances. By correcting those imbalances a lot of stress on the body is resolved. I love working with athletes and making it possible for them to perform at their highest.

Come and see me and together we will create a specialized session just for your needs. I look forward to seeing your results!

Kelsi is available Monday-Thursday from 9am-1:30pm. Call 435-215-3480 to book with Kelsi Cluff LMT.

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