Erin Crouse, LE

My name is Erin Crouse and I look forward to helping you with your skin care goals.

 In my early teens I was plagued by pesky blemishes that severely affected my confidence to the point of not wanting to be seen in public. Never be embarrassed by problem skin because I have been there myself.

My desire to over come these issues is what led me to in enroll in the Chesapeake School of Esthetics in Arnold, Maryland. I loved the knowledge I gained and especially loved the changes in my own appearance. Now I am passionate and confident about skin care and helping others find their "inner beauty".

Most importantly, I've learned the value of pure organic products. We are "organic beings" and our body knows exactly what to do with organic substances versus stuff cooked up in a laboratory. You are going to love these products and the results they offer.

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