Dorothy Kyees, LMT

Dorothy has enjoyed practicing massage for 22 years. She is intrinsically intuitive and a natural giver.  However, she knows that the healer is the "self".  She is simply a facilitator and encourages her clients towards a natural,self empowered approach to health.  As she absolutely loves what she does, over the years she has developed her own technique which is unique  to her, and frequently is told she has "magical hands".  

Dorothy has been blessed enough to work with people who range from triathletes to mothers wrangling children, to weary travelers. As a mother, traveler and explorer herself, she knows that life takes a toll on the body.  

  Dorothy loves to travel and has been to several places around the world.  She has had many trips on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, often spending a month, with thrills, adventure, her own injuries, stars and much introspection.  Quite beautifully, she has been able to offer massage at the bottom of the Grand Canyon in pristine environments that only the lucky few will ever experience.  

 All of these years and journeys have taught her how to approach life, the body and wellness as a whole.  Even though she has her own technique and wants to make a true difference in the body, she has specialized mostly in deep tissue and is  also trained in many other modalities.  Simply..she loves life, as it is beautiful and should be celebrated!