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Christina Halls, LMT

Born and raised in Virginia. Being a massage therapist was my life’s dream. I’ve been practicing massage for 10 years now. I’ve worked in a lot of different places doing a variety modalities. I’ve worked in spas, chiropractic offices, hospice, drug and   Alcohol rehab, ran a small business from my home and even worked with Real Salt Lake for a year. Your goal for your body is my goal! I got into massage therapy because I wanted to help people feel good and to love how they feel in their body. I like to get work done and do what it takes to help you feel better.

When I’m not massaging, I’m spending time with family and enjoy being outdoors. I recently moved from Utah County and I’m excited to get on the biking and hiking trails here. I incorporate sports massage with deep therapeutic strokes to lengthen and relax muscles and increase flexibility. I’m trained in deep tissue, reflexology, hot stone, and prenatal massage. 

I offer a personalized touch and cater each massage to the needs of the client by following my intuition and the needs of the client. I believe that no one should live their life in pain. 

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