Alexis Taylor, LMT

Alexis graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy in Salt Lake City in 2015. Massage had been an interest to her from a young age and with the encouragement of her husband she went back to school after two bachelor’s degrees to become a massage therapist. Going through massage school brought to light her love of learning about the human body and a deep curiosity on how to get individuals out of pain.

Alexis continues to use that curiosity to experiment in discovering the most effective and efficient way to give each client relief. As a lifelong student, she plans to continue growing and educating herself to be of better assistance to those who seek out help. She is a strong believer in sharing the knowledge she has obtained as a massage therapist to the client.

“I was very naive about massage when I started school. I now know that there are several different types of massage.  If it weren’t for school I would have never heard of or experienced these different styles of massage. So, I enjoy giving my clients a new experience.”

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